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MissDolittle 09-21-2008 08:05 PM

15 new Babies
I'm a very surprised about the lack of responses under the Emergency forum about Ike's orphaned squirrels. Thanks Sis!

Anyways, I picked 15 of them up. 2 were a bit weak, but the rest is fit and feisty. They expect 600 more at the SPCA of Texas.

Hubby filmed me picking up the first load when the truck arrived from Houston at the SPCA in McKinney (next to Dallas). A couple of news crews were filming me. I might be on the news tonight, but I don't have cable TV, so I hope they post it online:

These are all little grey orphans.

Saviah Wildlife 09-21-2008 09:20 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
I was thinking of what to say to that thread, or do you mean replies as in volunteering? Even if I were licensed I'm way too far away to take any in or even assist.

I'm glad most of them are doing well already for you! I think it will be an enlightening adventure for you having 15! Keep us posted. If they put video on the news web site please link it, I'd like to see that.

MissDolittle 09-22-2008 07:06 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
I dunno what I expected lol.

I was able to transfer 5 squirrels and Chip to another rehabber who came by today and picked them up. What a great person she is! I'm looking forward working with her more often. We want to network.

2 newspaper reporters were here today and the story will be on the front page with pictures tomorrow here in town and in Abilene, TX, and I hope I'm going to get a good response so I can get more enclosures built and can pick up more squirrels!

Also thanks to the 2 students of the TSU Wildlife Society that are helping me feed those lil buggers, AND helping me out with ideas and fundraisers, I'm not so alone in all of this.

I just hope I'm going to survive tomorrow. My phone rang over 50 times today already and the number wasn't even in the paper.

MissDolittle 09-25-2008 08:02 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
I transferred 5 to another rehabber and they all died on her last night. I kept ten and one died last night. The rest are looking ok to me, so far. The one that died here had strange symptoms..running around in circles, always leaning to the right...I'm sure it was pneumonia because of the green nasal discharge, but why this running in circles leaning to the right for an hour at least. I could not stop her.

I have a couple on Amox because they were sneezing, but I don't think it's too bad.

Here are the six that are still inside, I have 3 outside:

This one decided to sleep in the food bowl hehe:

Helenmary 09-28-2008 10:04 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
Oh Sweetie,
I'm so, so sorry. I know how much that hurt. Bless you for trying and good luck with the other six. I'll be thinking about you.

MissDolittle 09-29-2008 09:26 AM

Re: 15 new Babies
Thanks! But I didn't lose them all, "just" two of them, which was to expect after what they have been through.

I still have 8 and they are all doing great! Hehe, that rhymed. I'd just wish they'd call me back with word when I can pick up more!

Fluffytial 10-02-2008 10:24 AM

Re: 15 new Babies
Sounds like you have your hands full! They all look so cute!

MissDolittle 10-03-2008 08:26 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
One is still sick and inside with pneumonia, the remaining 7 are having a blast outside. There won't be any more squirrels from Ike to place, so this is gonna be it:

blackrose322123 10-04-2008 02:59 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
Sorry about you loss. :( But I wanted to let you know my daughter loved the video you just posted with all the babies! There all so cute! I was told by a rescuer they just had something on the news about people in ohio taking baby squirrels into their homes and trying to care for them from the storm. I was surprised because I know it is illegal here to do so. I have been trying to find the story online but haven't been able to yet, but when I do I'll post it. I did find one interresting site though on squirrel news.
It's a neat site, one story is of a guy that after his wife passed spent a fortune on squirrel apartments for the park. I guess him and his wife cared for the squirrels after 9/11. The ones caught in the dust etc. Pretty good stories on there there is something about a robot squirrel I haven't read yet.
Good luck to you and your new babies!!! I miss mine but know she will be out running wild someday!

MissDolittle 10-05-2008 01:34 PM

Re: 15 new Babies
Hehe, cute site!

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