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Thought it was time for an update on Winchester. He has improved in the two weeks we have had him as far as the fear goes. He is very comfortable in the house now and will even go into his crate about 50% of the time now on his own although still a little reluctantly. He will let me handle his feet with out protesting most of the time now too.
But now we have run into another problem. He is very dominant(with people and other dogs)and has aggression issues with other dogs but which will cause him to growl at me too. The smaller the dog the worse his reaction. If my lap smells like other dogs and I invite him to sit in my lap, then if I pet him he will growl. So he is no longer allowed in my lap at all because he always misbehaves.
He goes for about a half hour to fourty five minute walk every day with the other dogs and does ok if we make sure the keep him focused on moving ahead otherwise sometimes he will growl at one or the other. We are still working on him not jumping up on us all the time ( I think this is a manifestation of his dominance along with his insecurity, we always corrected this from day 1). He is starting to do it less and less. He has figured out that I go out the door first not him, that he has to walk beside us on walks(he does this best if there are no other dogs but has begun to realize he has to do it regardless of what is around him).Though he still has his tail up like a stick when walking some of the times.
Right now we are looking for another foster home for him that doesn't have other dogs and is better equiped to deal with his behavior issues. I am doing all I know to do for now and knowing that at least he has some structure that he has never had before.We are also hoping that once he is nuetered it will help some.
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