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Default Re: We live with skunks

Sorry I haven't been back in a while.

Fluffytial, we have striped skunks. Some are conventionally colored and some are kinda like reverse image. White where a typical skunk is black and black where a typical skunk is white. I call them albino but they probably aren't.

Got a minor problem that is under control so far. I have a neighbor (I call him Fudd) who lives a quarter mile behind me. He's been getting a lot of skunk traffic the last few months. He's seen a skunk in his chicken house and in the adjacent shed. Around the time he saw the skunk, one of his chickens was killed and the head was eaten. Fudd was ready to get out his shootin' iron and start killing skunks but I got him settled down by telling him skunks don't kill chickens and it must have been a possum. Did I lie?

I had him set up a radio in the shed to play loud music with a lot of bass to keep the skunks away from the chicken area. This has worked. He reports no more skunks in there. In fact, he's watched them approach the chicken house but then turn away. They don't care for the music.

I just talked to him again and he found one of his best laying hens without a head this morning. Not good.

I need to know. Do skunks kill chickens? I don't think so but there's a lot I don't know. If they do, I guess I'll have to start trapping the skunks and hauling them off.

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