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Default New Charge

The local biologist is newly graduated. She doesn't have much experience in the job. Since she heard I lasted 22 days with a pinkie she thought would be dead in 4-5 she has given me a rehab license. She also dropped off:

Her mom got run over. This little one was wandering about near by. She could not find the den or see if any more are there.

Since this biologist = is new I don't think she got the age right. She told me to use the puppy milk replacer but the Opossum doesn't seen interested in it at all. She also has all her teeth. To test my hypothesis that she is already weaned I placed a spoon of can cat food and she ate it eagerly. I can't get a hold of the Biologist (She is at a conference which is why she put the baby in my care in the first place) to get the proper diet for her age. Someone suggested soaking dry cat food in water then mix 9 parts to 1 part beef liver. Is this correct? Do I have to add anything like egg or fruit?

Thanks again.
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