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I was never able to keep them apart! While I was feeding them by hand, I took one, fed it, and put it in another cage. By the time they were outside, I just fed them until nobody came for more.

Well, they are finally out of here! I had them split up by gender the last 2 weeks, because they were fighting all the time.

A very kind trucker offered to take them along to East Texas today where the grays are native. So I spent a long time yesterday trying to catch those lil buggers and get them into a carrier...fuuuuuuuuuuurget it!

I ended up putting ferret cages in both enclosures, took all boxes and food and branches out of the enclosure and put a box and food into the ferret cage, so they had no other choice but to go in there once it got dark.

And sure enough..I sneaked in there at 10 PM and just closed the doors to the ferret cages. That was too easy lol.

This morning I was able to get the 3 girls into the cage with the 5 boys and off they went fighting over everything! Now they are on their way to East Texas in that ferret cage and will be free soon!

That makes my wildlife rescue EMPTY! OMG, I'm already bored, heheheheheeeheee. Time for the big clean up and small repairs!
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