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Default Re: Green Jumping spider

Originally Posted by MissDolittle View Post
This one doesn't look creepy or scary. What do they eat? Do they make webs?

They eat anything they can catch, mostly types of flies, mosquitoes, aphids, caterpillars etc.
They have excellent eye site and jumping capabilities, they will look,seek and pounce on their victims.
I had one grab a mosquito that was in the process of biting my finger. If you do not make fast movements jumpers usually will check you out. Thats what i did ,the mosquito was biting me while I was looking at a Jumper, so I moved my finger slowly towards the spider. She had already spotted the mosquito and pounced on it while it was biting me.

Jumpers do not build webs to catch prey. They make webs to sleep in and to nest in.
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