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Old 09-24-2008, 05:23 AM
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Default Becoming a wildlife rehabilitator in Ohio Laws

This is the best website to go to, if your looking to get started...

They list all the different info you need to know about permits and the different laws for wildlife. As far as what you can and cannot have. They also let you know when different training classes are comming up. If your looking for someone in Ohio who cares for wildlife it lists everyone by county.

Here is a little info on getting a permit.

1501:31-25-03 Rehabilitators permit.
(A) It shall be lawful for a person with a rehabilitators permit to rehabilitate orphaned or injured wild animals for the purpose of releasing the wild animals back to the wild.

(B) Rehabilitator permit applicants must be eighteen years of age or older.

(C) Rehabilitator permit holders shall provide proper facilities for all animals in their care. All persons applying for a rehabilitators permit shall meet the cage and holding requirements specified on the permit application form.

(D) Category I rehabilitators permit applicants shall have completed a division of wildlife approved rehabilitation course or a course established by the Ohio wildlife rehabilitators association and approved by the division of wildlife and provide documentation that they have a veterinarianís assistance when needed.

(E) Persons holding a category I rehabilitators permit may rehabilitate orphans, except deer, raccoons, weasels, skunks, mink, opossums, badgers, beaver, raptors, canids, bats, and state or federal endangered species.

(F) Persons that have at least three years of rehabilitation experience, as a category I rehabilitator or equivalent may apply for a category II rehabilitators permit. A category II rehabilitators permit will allow the individual permit holder to rehabilitate all species of wild animals except deer, coyote, or state or federal endangered species unless otherwise approved by the chief of the division of wildlife. Category II rehabilitators shall provide documentation that they have veterinarian assistance and the ability to properly care for wild animals that are diseased, injured, or need rehabilitative care.

(G) Persons holding a rehabilitators permit shall comply with all provisions and conditions set forth in the permit and any of the Ohio wildlife rehabilitators association minimum standards for the care and welfare of animals.

(H) All rehabilitators permit holders shall keep a record of all animals by species which are held for rehabilitation. Records shall include where the animal was found, the date the wild animal was received, the reason the animal needed rehabilitation, the date and location where the wild animal was released, or its final disposition. Provided further all of the aforementioned records shall be held on file for a period of two years and shall be open for inspections by any division of wildlife personnel.

(I) Failure to comply with any provisions or conditions of the rehabilitators permit, this rule, or any other division of wildlife rule shall result in the revocation of the rehabilitators permit.

(J) Any wildlife officer may remove any wild animal which is being improperly cared for and provide written notice to the holder of a the rehabilitators permit that his or her permit is being revoked until such time as the conditions of the facility or the care and handling deficiencies are corrected.

(K) All definitions set forth in rule 1501:31-1-02 of the Administrative Code shall apply to this rule.

HISTORY: Eff 10-30-95; 11-1-97

Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.

Rule amplifies: 119.032 Review Date: 9-24-02; 9-24-07
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Old 09-24-2008, 08:11 AM
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Default Re: Becoming a wildlife rehabilitator in Ohio Laws

So there is hope after all in Ohio!
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