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Introduce yourself This is a good place to tell a bit about yourself.

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Old 10-04-2007, 10:06 AM
Spryte Spryte is offline
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Default Salutations!

Hi -

I live in Central Texas and met our admin Miss Dolittle at a Dog obedience class.

Currently, we are owned by six dogs and three cats, five goats, and many chickens!

Two of the dogs are rescues, one is an older Pomeranian I rescued from an animal shelter. She had very little hair and no teeth. The hair has grown back (she had flea allergies) but the teeth of course have not... lol! We named her Princess because of her calm and royal demeanor - she's gotten quite sassy and thinks we are at her beck and call...

The other rescue was from an individual who had many animals. Gale was extremely thin and ate as though she never had gotten a full meal. Many months later, she is able to leave food in her bowl and filled out nicely. She is an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees cross and stays with our goats. Gale is still timid, but has improved a great deal. She is happy to see us and be petted or have mats and stickers removed from her coat. Gale will never be as large as she should be... stunted I think. She's about the size of a medium Golden Retriever.

We also rescued all three cats. One "came with the house" (how can people DO that??) and the owner who sold us the place never even mentioned her until we asked about her!

Then we have "Skip" - we took him home from an area around several dumpsters that apparently feral cats are living from. I saw him, and picked him up (the only one that didn't run!) then set him down and walked back to the car. He ran behind me meowing loudly, he was NOT going to be left! So home he came with us - he was a tiny tyke when we got him and thin, but after a year of good living with us he's sleek and lovely. Wonderful temperament

We also rescued a female cat from the folks that we took Gail from. She, too, was rail thin and stunted. She's also not very bright.... lol! All cats and dogs that are of age have been neutered or spayed, we don't want babies. There are plenty in the animal shelters.

So.. that's our animal loving stories I guess. My husband is British and I am "sorta" from Texas. I've lived here most of my life, but wasn't born here, and Dad and Mom are native Texans, but Dad was USAF so we moved a great deal when I was a child.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Old 10-04-2007, 12:12 PM
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MissDolittle MissDolittle is offline
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Default Re: Salutations!

Heyas Deb, welcome on board!!!!!! That made my day that you found us here!!

You sound just like me hahaha! It might be a good thing that I live inside the city limits and have to obey the 3-dog-limit law! I have no problems with fostering kittens and whatever other animals, but when it comes to raising puppies, I have THE hardest time to let go!! I'd keep them all.

The 2 I had this year really stole my heart...Lucky, the pit bull and Kicker. Both would have fit in here perfectly too. But who knows why things like that happen .

Say, did you read the article about the horse slaughter in the Tribune yesterday? I'm going to post it in the news does not get out of my head!

My dream is to have a retirement home for horses, and right now seems to be THE time where there is something like this urgently needed..but phew, I'm far away from even thinking about it financially. Gotta keep on dreaming there for a while longer.
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Old 10-05-2007, 02:29 PM
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Default Re: Salutations!

Hi ya Spryte and welcome!

You sound like me, always coming home with some bedraggled little critter. It always does my heart good though to see them eat well and blossom into lovely and loving members of my furred, feathered and finned family.
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Old 10-14-2007, 05:38 PM
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Default Re: Salutations!

Hi there, and welcome to the board! =D

Looks like you've got your share of critter friends! I can sort of relate to pets that 'come with the house'. We got our Norwegian forest cat because the people living downstairs in our apartment at the time left her behind pregnant and de-clawed on all four paws. Grr.
In another story, one of my friends moved onto a farm that already had two cats (who provided for themselves mostly). However, the previous owners who sold my friend the house, had said that when they had arrived, that cats had already been there. Maybe being farm cats had something to do with it? Not that I'm justifying cats that have been left behind!!
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