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Raccoons Talk about raccoons.

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Old 09-10-2008, 08:54 PM
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Default Re: First one!!

Yea, do you have or could you make an enclosure that would house him safely? If he has been raised as a pet of course he would want regular interaction also. Coons are very intelligent creatures and need things to keep them busy so they are not bored all the time. They do get into things very easily such as cabinets, and even if he is blind he could still be very meschevious. They use their feet more than their eyes.
One point though. Even though he is blind he will still want to climb which is just normal raccoon behavior. You could provide him with ramps or something like that leading to hiding boxes and he would still be able to enjoy it without the fear of him falling. Pretty much his blindness shouldn't deprive him of being without normal coon fun. You may have to be more careful of where he goes but he will probably for the most part only go where he feels safe. Bottom line you don't want to put him in a big empty cage with nothing for him to do, if you do that you are asking for behavior problems caused by frustration/bordom. He can still fish and would love a shallow pool(kiddie wading pool) with some minnows in it. He would be working to find his food in the wild and he would love to do it in captivity.
Really they aren't hard to care for but as with any animal they need time and you need a little knowledge of their habits.
We had a blind squirrel and although we modified her cage to make it safer she still ran around like she could still see.
Here in Indiana you have to have a breeders license, or wildlife possesion permit, If you have the posession permit you can also get an education permit. I don't know what fine if any there is but I imagine it probably isn't small .
I would look into the permit thing first though just so you didn't get into any trouble.
I wish someone would give me a raccoon. I miss my rehab babies soo much . I am glad they released well though. Mixed feelings I guess.
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Old 09-16-2008, 06:13 PM
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Default Re: First one!!

No, we don't have a big enclosed outdoor cage for the raccoon, we just have a large indoor cage and it's not big enough for a near grown raccoon. We also rescue dogs and cats and have almost two dozen animals here. I don't think the raccoon would do well here especially being blind. The people who have it now are taking good care of it, they were just afraid they weren't doing enough or doing things correctly and had sent word that if we wanted it they would let us adopt it.
If it were a tiny baby I would take it in a heartbeat and do the best we could or if the people who have it now weren't taking care of it we would gladly take it in.
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Old 09-17-2008, 03:03 PM
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Default Re: First one!!

I hear ya about indoors and not big enough cage! Chip is 3 months old now and he's making a terrible mess. I hope things work out for the owners, one way or another...but usually it's the animal that has to pay for human error in judgment.
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